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MANTIS DIVING SURF HATS AND BEANIES are now available. The blue surf hats are made from heavy brushed cotton and have a rope and toggle, they also have a UPF rating of 50+. There are 4 sizes available 55, 57, 59 and 61cm. They can be on your head this summer for just $26. The beanies are made from polar fleece and are available in a range of colours including 'tec diver' black, one size fits all. They can be yours for $22. Both items are pictured below with our 'junior instructor' Liam.

A 12 months membership of the Mantis Scuba Club is only available to those divers that have completed a recreational or technical diving course with Mantis Diving. Any subsequent course will renew your membership for 12 months from the date you complete the new course. Club membership can not be bought only earned.

Most divers are aware that many dive shops offer training at or below cost in order to get people through the doors, once there they try very hard to sell the divers a set of equipment. They do this to recoup the loss they made on training the diver. In many cases this cut price course can lead to safety being compromised in order to minimise the financal loss. Face it, how hard would you try if you were only getting $25 per student for 4 days work? Here at Mantis Diving we pay our staff a professional wage for training you, that way they look for ways to teach you more, not how to cut corners so they can get home sooner. To us, equipment sales run dead last when compared to training. To prove it we have brought in some discounts for divers trained here.

Club Membership Discounts available when purchasing new equipment through Mantis Diving using cash, direct deposit or cheque.

  • After completing your 1st course members get 5% off the RRP.
  • After completing your 2nd course members get 10% off the RRP.
  • After completing your 3rd course members get 15% off the RRP.
  • After completing your 4th course members get 20% off the RRP.
  • After completing your 5th course members get 25% off the RRP.

    Membership also entitles you to discounts, using cash/cheque/direct deposit on Equipment Servicing. Contact Mantis Diving for further details. When using credit cards please deduct 3% from the above discounts, this is due to the fees levied by the banks and other financial institutions.

    Here at Mantis Diving we recommend and prefer to use Australian made Scuba Equipment.

    Most divers don't know that a $980+ Apeks regulator you can buy from Australian Apeks dealers can be yours for only AUD$498 if you buy it over the internet from Germany, as at 3/1/09. As you can see the 'real' price of most of the foreign, imported equipment is very different from what we are expected to pay here.

    You will also notice, when enquiring about some of our equipment packages, that we don't often recommend a package comprised of just one brand of equipment. The reason we do this is that we look for the best item of it's type, regardless of the brand name. Some companies make good BCD's but average regulators, others good first stages but not so good second stages, some want $380 for an imported metal plate that we can source locally for $155.

    Most dive shops sell one brand packages not because it's always the best equipment package but because as dealers for that brand they get a better price for buying a package from the one wholesaler.


    What buying Australian means for you the Diver?

    • The annual servicing cost is much cheaper than imported brands.


    • Australian manufacturers let you choose your preferred service provider.


    • Spare parts are available locally.


    • The equipment prices are not affected by changes to the exchange rate.


    • The equipment is made here in Australia.



    Why buy your new Scuba Equipment through Mantis Diving?

    Price and Service of course!


    Unlike most of our competitors, here at Mantis Diving more of your dollars go towards your diving, not our overheads. For example, we no longer have a yellow pages add, which allows us to pass some serious savings on to you. Remember when someone has a $5,000 colour add in the Yellow Pages where does the money for that add come from? Customers like you, that's where!

    Do yourself a favour and call or E-Mail us for a quote before you part with your hard earned money, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

    With a minimum purchase of $500, Mantis Diving will deliver your order free anywhere in Australia.

    We only offer discounts for the following:

    Club member - see above

    Package deal - Regulator, BCD and Gauges as a minimum - 10%

    Armed Forces member - 5%

    Emergency Services member - Police, Fire, Ambulance or SES - 5%

    Staff and/or diving leadership member - individually assessed

    All our prices are based on the manufacturers RRP, and any of the above discounts when applicable would come off the RRP price.


    We own the whole facility, so if you are looking for us in ten years time you'll find us where you left us. It's a sad statistic that in the last 20 years, 57 (as at 7/1/09) dive businesses have come and gone right here in SEQ, with the 58th business soon to go. We started as Mantis Diving in 1990 and we are still here.

    Secondly, if you buy an Airdive Regulator or Cylinder Valve, a Sea Hornet Regulator, Cylinder Valve, Wetsuit or BCD, or a Seasuits Wetsuit from us, and we don't have it in stock, and it will take us more than five working days to get it, we will give you a free rental until your new one arrives in store.

    Lastly, when your Sea Hornet or Airdive equipment is in for a service we will provide you with free replacement items until your own has been fully serviced. Yet another great reason to buy Australian!


    Dive Gear Specials    Top

    All specials prices include GST.

    SKINDIVING EQUIPMENT PACKAGE         $155 (rrp $305)

    Technical features:

    Available only to Mantis Diving students

    Full silicone dive mask with snorkel

    5mm hard sole wetsuit boots

    Open heel dive fins

    SCUBAPRO - GLIDE 500 BCD         $330 (rrp $715)

    Technical features:

    One only remaining - size medium

    Priced to clear

    Complete with Basic power inflator

    Full factory warranty

    BACK PLATE - STAINLESS & ALLOY         $166 & $99

    Technical features:

    3mm Stainless Steel or Alloy

    Made right here in SEQ

    Simple, DIR style back plate

    Can be used for technical or recreational diving


    Technical features:

    3mm Stainless Steel or Alloy

    Made right here in SEQ

    Designed to complement the above back plates

    Tank straps, Stainless bolts, washers and wing nuts additional



    Bolt snap - double end

    XL bolt snap

    L bolt snap

    M bolt snap

    S bolt snap



    Bolt, 2 x washer & wingnut


    155-180mm hose clamp (7L Faber cyl)

    The above prices are valid until 1/3/2009 and are GST inclusive.


    DIVE GEAR - RATES     Top

    Mantis Diving Trips Only

    • Dive trip - Full Set $88 members/$125 non-members
    • Dive trip - Individual Items e.g. Cylinder or Regulator $30 members/$40 non-members
    • Weekend trip - Full Set $110 members/$175 non-members
    • Weekend trip - Individual Items $44 members/$55 non-members

    Note 1:Wetsuits are available in all sizes, from size 1(XXS) to size 8(XXXL).

    Note 2:All regulators come with sterilised mouthpieces and a digital bottom timer.

    Note 5: Mantis Diving does not hire contents gauges, alternate air sources, isolated manifolds or dual outlet valves under any circumstances. Nor do we allow manifolded twin cylinders to have one or both of the cylinder bands taken off to allow them to be used with straps required by some tech BCD's.

    Note 6: Mantis Diving cylinders, for use by recreational divers are Faber steel 15L (125') with Sea Hornet DIN/K valves. Cost of hiring a full set of equipment includes a second full cylinder where the dive is a double boat dive. Hirers will not be required to pay any additional fees for the second cylinder.


    Members - $12.00 (Fill card $110, 10 x $11.00 fills)

    Non-members - $17.00 (Fill card $160, 10 x $16.00 fills)

    Note2: Due to current Australian Standards cylinder fillers will only fill cylinders to the pressure rating of the valve, not just the cylinder.


    Members - $12.00 plus 4.0/4.5/5.0 cents per litre of Oxygen required

    Non-members - $17.00 plus 4.5/5.0/5.5 cents per litre of Oxygen required

    Note1:Oxygen prices above are as follows: our gas/your panel/you blend, our gas/our panel/you blend and our gas/our panel/we blend.


    Members - $12.00 plus 7.0/8.0/9.0 cents per litre of Helium and 3.5/4.0/4.5 cents per litre of Oxygen

    Non-members - $17.00 plus 8.0/9.0/10.0 cents per litre of Helium and 4.0/4.5/5.0 cents per litre of Oxygen

    Note1:Helium and Oxygen prices above are as follows: our gas/your panel/you blend, our gas/our panel/you blend and our gas/our panel/we blend.


    55' steel or 63' alloy deco cylinders - $33 a day members/ $44 non-members

    12L 232bar twin cylinders with DIN/K isolated manifold - $75 a day members/$85 non-members,

    7L 232bar twin cylinders with DIN/K isolated manifold - $66 a day members/$77 non-members.

    18L 232bar single cylinder with DIN/K Y Valve - $33 a day members/$44 non-members.

    Note: Technical equipment is only available to certified Technical divers who are using the equipment on Mantis Diving Technical dive trips or approved Technical Instructors conducting independent training.


    • Regulators (per stage) - $50 members/$60 non-members
    • BCD - $40 members/$50 non-members
    • Tank Valve - $25 members/$30 non-members
    • Gauges - $20 members/$25 non-members
    • Oxygen cleaning cylinder - $66 members/$77 non-members
    • Oxygen cleaning equipment - As per standard servicing rates plus $55

    ** Plus cost of parts (applies to all servicing items above)

    Please note that any scuba equipment or cylinders left with Mantis Diving for valve service or test will only be kept for 12 months. If after 12 months the equipment has not been collected and the fees paid, Mantis Diving will consider the equipment to be abandoned and sell it to repay the costs of servicing, testing and storage.


    • Standard tank hydro test and refill - $55 members/$66 non-members
    • Surcharge if 30 MPA tank test - $10 members/non-members
    • Surcharge for Luxfer Visual Plus - $15 members/non-members

    Note: Cylinders are picked up and returned by the test station once a month (as cylinders run out of test on a monthly basis not daily), whilst every effort is made by the test station to return the cylinders as soon as possible no guarantee can be given in regards a 1-2 day turn around, usual time is 5 working days. Cylinders requiring testing and not brought to Mantis before the second Thursday of each month will incur a courier charge or they will need to wait until the next monthly pick up.


    Sick of being made to feel that whenever you enter a dive shop you should be ringing a bell and shouting out 'unclean, unclean'? Do you want to be treated the same as any Instructor that works in a dive shop and not like you somehow failed to make the grade. You passed the same courses and hold the same c-card as your shop based counterparts don't you? You should be considered as, and treated like a professional member of the dive industry. Here at Mantis Diving you will!

    We are happy to supply hire equipment, training materials, our multi media training facility and new equipment at a discount to any Independent Instructors that support Mantis Diving. In addition, spaces on our dive trips are also available on a range of discount plans for both day trips and full weekend or reef trips. Further training with both NAUI, and PADI is also available at subsidised rates, as is access to industry workshops.

    Specific pricing information and any conditions applying to the pricing will only be made availably to those Independent Instructors that come in personally to see us. No phone or e-mail enquirers will be supplied with pricing information.

    Any Instructor that represents a certification agency whose standards do not allow them to run their own independent dive business will be given access to a heavily discounted NAUI Instructor crossover course to allow then the chance to run their own independent dive business. Don't let a certification agency force you to give your customers to someone else. Make your business benefit you for a change!

    If, like other agency members this year, you have been forced to represent yourself as a 'second class' member because only fee paying facilities are allowed to use the agency logos in their marketing then give NAUI a thought. All NAUI members, regardless of shop affiliation are permitted to use the NAUI logos in all their advertising. NAUI is now the only truly global agency that allows independent instructors to operate without restricting their ability to trade. Please allow us to show you the quality difference and where it can benefit your business.